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Simply call us on 0208 487 5874 to fix one of our expert designers to visit your salon. We will bring examples of the many salons we have already designed and rebuilt.

Beauty Planet Salon Designs is here to help you achieve your dream salon.

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Matthew Lutos, owner of Beauty Planet Salon Design, can also help you with salon retail which will improve the business.

I have an existing retail area that is not doing particularly well, but I don’t have a huge amount of stock. Could this be the reason why are stock levels that important?

Absolutely – stock levels are a major factor and you should always have your retail area well stocked with a wide variety of different professional products to choose from. It is really important that you look like you are open for business and that you have the image of a professional retailer. You are never going to achieve this unless you are well stocked up.

Fully stocked shelves with variety invite people to reach out and buy, whereas shelves that are low on stock and minimal will look like a display that’s not for sale. People won’t buy from something that looks like a display but they will buy from something that looks like a professional retail area. Look at supermarkets and department stores and the way they display their products- there is a reason why they pay people to constantly fill the shelves. And ensure variety. 

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New Salon Designs – Beauty Planet

Enjoying festive period? We are heading to new year 2014 very soon.

Its the best time to have something new in your salons to surprise your customers in the new year with the high quality salon furniture and striking salon designs.

Here are some salon designs by Beauty Planet and some Beauty Planet staff creating customer designs for your salons:

bespoke salon design custom salon design beauty planet salon design salon design salon design

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Our Turnkey Services – Beauty Planet

Do you own a salon? Check Beauty Planet Salon Designs key services:

Salon Design:

– Our latest salon is a finalist in Salon Design for British Hairdressing Business Award 2013.

– We have been leading salon designers for over 20 years with major brands.

– Our mission is to help a Salon Owner deliver their vision with  mood boards, floor plans, 3D salon designs.

Salon Furniture:

– Our furniture is built to inspire, designed to last.

– Aftersale care

Bespoke Furniture:

– We have a factory near Leicester with our own joiners.

– Affordable and bespoke for you.

Retail Sale:

-Retailing in salons is the new driving force for profit.

-Your retail should be near 20%

Salon Refurbishment:

-We understand what is critical for your salon success.

-We always agree with client for timetable and budget and try and live up to it.

salon design retail design retail design beauty planet salon design

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Beauty Planet Salon Design – Competition

Calling all Salon Owners and Managers! Try each month to win!Considered to be the very best in the industry
HAIRMASTER from OLYMP worth £1499!

Just tell us what really matters to you when considering purchasing
Salon Furniture and submit your email to be in with a change to WIN!

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“For me, it was important to find a designer that I could work with in a collaborative way. I liked Beauty Planet’s no-nonsense approach and also felt that we could talk to each other without negative consequences. The beauty of a good designer is that everything is done meticulously and I got exactly what I expected.”Guy Christian – Owner

Beauty Planet Salon Design has more to offer… design and salon refurbishment
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Beauty Planet Salon Design – In the press.

From Beauty Planet Salon Design …..

“We started our salon Retail Design journey over 20 years ago when we applied intelligent design space planning to Lancome retail sites around the world. It was not long before we were designing retail environments for most of the leading hair and beauty brands around the world. As a result we opened design studios both in Beijing and New York to provide a 24/7 across all time zones.

The most interesting element of our experienced journey is the extraordinary developments in electronic applications for use in retail communications. Paper and cardboard display is dead. Not if but when. The exciting opportunity is how we help retail environments understand how to make the most of this fantastic phenomenon.

We believe in Retail Active not Display passive! Customers will welcome informed messages that are easily and visually absorbed through the latest technology. We specialise in these areas and are now working closely with Samsung to provide exciting design and technology services for our Clients…”

salon design salon design beauty planet salon design beauty planet salon design

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Salon Chair – Beauty Planet Salon Product

The Lavasit Diner from Beauty Planet Salon Design has been designed for the professional hairdresser that wants to offer its clients the ultimate in luxury and comfort.

It comes in black or white and offers a truly opulent backwash experience, with an adjustable seat and back function. The basin tilts in an instant and there’s the option of having it with or without a massage function and footrest. Choose from single, row or wall installation.

The Lavasit Diner has been crafted to last in any busy salon environment, and because we use only premium materials you can be guaranteed you’ll get what you pay for and this truly is quality worth every penny.

As with all our salon furniture, items will be delivered straight to the salon door and installed by one of its trained fitters – who will even take away every last piece of packaging.

Check out this new salon product:

The Lounge Chairs from OLYMP in the gorgeous Phoenix Lounge in Harrogate!

salon chair salon product - beauty planet

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Salon Styling Station – Beauty Planet

Check out this new salon styling station – Pod. It is one of the most essential salon product.

New Generation – State of the art

Wall-mounted single styling station with frame inserts in various accent colours, worktop in glass or wood, including glass cover plate and stainless steel storage holder, with kick-panel. Mirror available with stainless steel footrest and storage strip with hair dryer holder and bag hook, optional with function module

salon styling station salon station by beauty planet salon design by beauty planet salon product


Width 796 mm Width 31,34”
High 1930 mm High 75,98”
Depth 303 mm Depth 11,93”

It comes in different materials.

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