Salon refit tips by Matthew Lutos

How do you get to know who your clients are? How do you design salon to suit them?

Matthew Lutos, managing director of salon furniture company, is an expert in salon design and says painting a picture of your typical clientele should be the starting point for any design or salon refit.

“If you’re happy reacting to whatever clients happen to come your way then fine, but if you’d prefer to get a grip on your business and actively lead it to where you believe it should, its important to understand your customer profile. And its especially key when planning a refit.” explains Matthew.

Scouting around the area and seeing what businesses are busy and which ones have closed down will tell you instantly what type of salon should work. “A quick look around the neighbourhood will quickly tell you who your client is, Is the salon surrounded by boutiques and smart gastro pubs, or is it all chain-stores and discounted shops?” asks Matthew.

Assess who will be spending money in your salon and really consider the type of environment they would expect.

salon retail salon design by matthew lutos new salon retail design salo retail sale salon design

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Planning Salon Refurbishment today!

Are you not happy with your salon design? Planning salon refurbishment? At beauty planet, we have a team salon design experts and assist customers with their salon desin or furniture for their salons. We can help you with anything from replacement furniture, a new vibe or even a full salon refurbishment!

As salon furniture costs fortune, we have leasing options on furniture that will go easy on your budget without compromising on salon design.

Check it out here.

salon product
Poet Styling Mirror £4.91 per week

Based on a 4 year leasing option.
RRP: £680

salon chair
Crystal Chair £6.83 per week

Based on a 4 year leasing option.
RRP: £945


Selection Backwash with Cube £8.85 per week

Based on a 4 year leasing option.
RRP: £1225

backwash for salon

Joy Backwash with Shape £7.55 per week

Based on a 4 year leasing option.
RRP: £1054

salon chair

Club Chair £5.60 per week

Based on a 4 year leasing option.
RRP: £775


Diner Backwash Chair £15.82 per week

Based on a 4 year leasing option.
RRP: £2190

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Salon Refurbishment and fit outs by Beauty Planet


Beauty Planet, is a quality driven company which has the experience of shop-fitting many Salons around the UK, including the award winning Ken Picton Salon in Cardiff, Wella Studio in Manchester, Pophams in Oxford, Vavavoom in Cheshire.

In past 12 months we have completed projects for :
Preston College, Ashton College, NOW Salon in Finchley, Motcomb Green in Mayfair, Zoology, Burlingtons near Oxford St W1. Just click on any of them and see the results.

So plenty of quality experience in salon design and refurbishment with craftsmen who really do know and understand your Salon business. And we will work to your budget since we do work with both small salons right through to the larger department store environments according to the brief and scope.

salon fit outs salon refurb salon refurbishment salon fit out by beauty planet beauty planet

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Salon Refurbishment – Beauty Planet Salon Design

Beauty Planet Salon Design is a UK based salon design company. We also do Salon Refurbishment services.

Check out our recent salon designs:

salon design salon refurb services salon furniture salon design services salon refurbishment

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Salon Products at Top Hair Germany

Our salon products were exhibited at Top Hair Germany. We would like to share some pictures from the exhibition.

salon design salon products exhibition salon exhibition salon product salon product salon product

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Salon Design Tips by Matthew Lutos

Matthew Lutos – Managing Director of Beauty Planet Salon Design offers his top tips for giving your salon a summer spruce up on a shoestring….

1.De-clutter and let the light in!

One of the biggest design mistakes that salons make is that they fill their window with posters and promotional displays, to the point that no one can see in. Your window is your biggest showcase and whilst I would advise on having some imagery, don’t overdo it. Less is more – if you’ve got your entire window space filled with clutter, potential clients won’t know where to look.


2.Get some flowers in

It may sound obvious but flowers make such a difference to the look and feel of a salon. Putting fresh flowers on display will guarantee a reaction from your clients and they won’t fail to notice them.

3.Get a light box and rotate the images

Wall-mounted light boxes are an inexpensive way of displaying imagery and it looks extremely effective for salon design. You can have any image put on a transparency to fit the box, and then change it according to the season. It’s perfect for displaying a brilliant blonde for summer.

4.Spring clean

Once the sun shines it’s amazing how much the dirt shows up. It’s amazing how when you’re faced with the same thing every day you stop seeing the detail that can make all the difference. Ask someone you trust to do a mystery shop and pay attention to all the details. Make sure that you grasp the opportunity to de-clutter, clean and freshen up the salon.

5. Give one wall a revamp.

Sometimes it is worth choosing a wall that is not a major focus in the salon, and rather than painting it, wallpaper it. You can change the wallpaper on regular occasions and the cost is minimal. Summer is a brilliant time to put something fresh and new up.

salon design salon furniture

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Things to consider before Salon Refurbishment

Matthew Lutos is the Managing Director of Beauty Planet Salon Design and Olymp Salon furniture and has been involved numerous renovations and salon refurbishments. As part of our New Year Salon Clinic. Matthew shares his top tips of pre-project considerations, which you may be thinking about this time of year.

“ As with all major projects, good planning is paramount, but even with good salon planning there are always a few pitfalls to beware of,” Says Matthew.

Floor Plan

It is so important to get the floor plan right. You need to maximise the space without it being overbearing. You need to get the balance between having enough space so that clients have a pleasant experience and utilising space efficiently. Also, be aware that architects might not take into consideration the amount of space a stylist needs around the styling station. This is also true for the backwash. There needs to be enough room to work, for back bar and also sufficient room for customers to walk to and from the chairs, bearing in mind any extra room needed for legs rests.

A general rule of thumb on space for a styling station is that an area of 1.2 metres is required. For a backwash chair you need 2.3 metres long by 1 metre wide. However you need to take account of the environment such as additional structures.

3-D Visuals

Invest in 3-D Visuals – they are not just a bit of fancy visual magic. Being able to see what your salon will look like is really important because how you interpret the floor plan may not be how your builder interprets it. A 3-D Visual plan will give you both a point of reference and ensure that you are both interpreting it the same way. This can avoid much frustration, extra cost and heartache later on.

salon furniture salon refurbishment salon design salon refurb

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