New Salon Furniture – Beauty Planet Salon Design

Beauty Planet, professional salon designers, has recently launched high quality salon furniture.

Check out our salon furniture:

We have Switch Silver Drapes Double Kite, Switch Marble Gold Double Lounge, Switch Product Family. Cool Ice and many more..

high quality salon furniture salon products beauty planet salon design beauty planet salon design salon design services salon furniture services

“For me, it was important to find a designer that I could work with in a collaborative way. I liked Matthew’s no-nonsense approach and also felt that we could talk to each other without negative consequences. The beauty of a good designer is that everything is done meticulously and I got exactly what I expected!”

Guy Christian – Owner

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3D Visuals of Salon Design at Beauty Planet

At Beauty Planet, we turn your salon designs blueprint into 3D visuals for you to give you better idea of how your salon is going to be.

Check out 3D visuals of some of our salon designs:

salon design salon design 3d visual beauty planet beauty planet salon design beauty planet


Once we have agreed the costs and you have signed off the floorplan, we can produce a 3D visual of your Salon. It will give you an immediate idea of your vision and enable everybody to understand just what you want to create. The quality of our 3D visuals is amongst the very best so you will enjoy seeing your vision come alive.

Also, check out salon furniture for your salon.

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Salon Backwash at Beauty Planet Salon Design

Do you have backwash in your salon? If not, check out new designs of backwash at Beauty Planet Salon Design.

backwash salon product salon product by beauty planet salon design beauty planet salon design backwash

“My retail area was completely transformed, Beauty Planet Salon Designs took everything into consideration – from the flow of traffic in the salon, to the lighting and flooring. Not only did they provide me in the physical sense with a stunning retail area, but they advised me on how I can increase my retail business – which I have actively done. In fact, it has increased by 29%.”

Ken Picton, Founder.

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BudgetLine Salon Furniture – Beauty Planet


salon chair salon products salon chairs salon furniture - backwash bespoke salon furniture
– Rotating chairs with lockable brakes
– 190mm adjustable hydraulic height
– Extra thickness steel on main upright pole for extra durability
– Excellent chromium plated quality metal frame
– Quality foam

– Includes tilting mechanism
– Installation template available
– Deep luxurious quality bowl

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New Hairmaster – Beauty Planet Salon design

Beauty Planet Salon Design has some new Hairmaster – new salon product. Very essential for hairdressers in every salon.

Check out new hairmaster:

salon product hairmaster hairmaster beauty planet salon design hairmaster - salon product salon product


“The whole service was so easy and stress free. Very professional. The designer was able to understand my vision and made it very clear from the beginning, as previous people I have spoken to were just not on the same wave length and could not see my vision for the salon”

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Salon Chair – Beauty Planet Salon Product

The Lavasit Diner from Beauty Planet Salon Design has been designed for the professional hairdresser that wants to offer its clients the ultimate in luxury and comfort.

It comes in black or white and offers a truly opulent backwash experience, with an adjustable seat and back function. The basin tilts in an instant and there’s the option of having it with or without a massage function and footrest. Choose from single, row or wall installation.

The Lavasit Diner has been crafted to last in any busy salon environment, and because we use only premium materials you can be guaranteed you’ll get what you pay for and this truly is quality worth every penny.

As with all our salon furniture, items will be delivered straight to the salon door and installed by one of its trained fitters – who will even take away every last piece of packaging.

Check out this new salon product:

The Lounge Chairs from OLYMP in the gorgeous Phoenix Lounge in Harrogate!

salon chair salon product - beauty planet

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Salon Styling Station – Beauty Planet

Check out this new salon styling station – Pod. It is one of the most essential salon product.

New Generation – State of the art

Wall-mounted single styling station with frame inserts in various accent colours, worktop in glass or wood, including glass cover plate and stainless steel storage holder, with kick-panel. Mirror available with stainless steel footrest and storage strip with hair dryer holder and bag hook, optional with function module

salon styling station salon station by beauty planet salon design by beauty planet salon product


Width 796 mm Width 31,34”
High 1930 mm High 75,98”
Depth 303 mm Depth 11,93”

It comes in different materials.

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