Buy Second Hand Salon Furniture

Have you just set up your salon? Looking for second hand salon furniture? Beauty Planet Salon Design can help you with quality salon furniture at reasonable prices.

Check out these amazing furniture which will go with your salon and fit in your budget.

BOW Chair (a must for every salon) retailing at £599 + VAT. We have got 12 second hand bow chair for only £100.

bow chair - second hand


Lavasit Joy with Bow Chair Backwash retailing at £1099. 3 second hand backwash chair available at Beauty Planet for only £249.

bow chair - salon


Radius Double Styling stations generally retailing at £1199. 6 Second hand available at Beauty Planet for only £199.




styling stations - second hand

Like it? Check out more salon furniture available on our website. If you are not sure, come and talk to us. We will be happy to assist you with furniture and design for your salon.

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New Salon Furniture – Beauty Planet Salon Design

Beauty Planet, professional salon designers, has recently launched high quality salon furniture.

Check out our salon furniture:

We have Switch Silver Drapes Double Kite, Switch Marble Gold Double Lounge, Switch Product Family. Cool Ice and many more..

high quality salon furniture salon products beauty planet salon design beauty planet salon design salon design services salon furniture services

“For me, it was important to find a designer that I could work with in a collaborative way. I liked Matthew’s no-nonsense approach and also felt that we could talk to each other without negative consequences. The beauty of a good designer is that everything is done meticulously and I got exactly what I expected!”

Guy Christian – Owner

Visit our website for more information on salon design services.

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3D Visuals of Salon Design at Beauty Planet

At Beauty Planet, we turn your salon designs blueprint into 3D visuals for you to give you better idea of how your salon is going to be.

Check out 3D visuals of some of our salon designs:

salon design salon design 3d visual beauty planet beauty planet salon design beauty planet


Once we have agreed the costs and you have signed off the floorplan, we can produce a 3D visual of your Salon. It will give you an immediate idea of your vision and enable everybody to understand just what you want to create. The quality of our 3D visuals is amongst the very best so you will enjoy seeing your vision come alive.

Also, check out salon furniture for your salon.

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BudgetLine Salon Furniture – Beauty Planet


salon chair salon products salon chairs salon furniture - backwash bespoke salon furniture
– Rotating chairs with lockable brakes
– 190mm adjustable hydraulic height
– Extra thickness steel on main upright pole for extra durability
– Excellent chromium plated quality metal frame
– Quality foam

– Includes tilting mechanism
– Installation template available
– Deep luxurious quality bowl

Visit Beauty Planet website for more information on salon design services.

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Promotions on Salon Furniture

At Beauty Planet Salon Design, we understand that every client has fixed budget for their salon design services. Therefore, we have loads of promotions on salon furniture to make salon design an easy process.

Check it out:

salon furniture promotion on salon furniture beauty planet salon design salon furniture salon furniture

Don’t forget to check out more promotions and bespoke salon furniture on our website.

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Promotions on Salon Furniture – Beauty Planet Salon Design

Beauty Planet Salon Design is a salon design professional company based in london. At Beauty Planet, we also provide high quality salon furniture to salons.

Salon furniture salon furniture beauty planet salon design salon furniture bespoke salon furniture

There are so many promotions on salon furniture going at the moment.

We also provide assistance with salon design and salon retail.

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How to make an impression in seconds?

The message you project to potential clients in the first few seconds in crucial, says Matthew Lutos

The window

All too often, a salon window is covered in too many posters and messages. There is no focus and visually it becomes like wallpaper. Get someone who is not afraid to be honest to look at your salon with a fresh pair of eyes and tell you what you don’t always see. Remember your window is the advert that promotes your salon 24/7, so if all that can be seen is a few dead plants and some old posters, what will this say about your business? It’s your billboard to the world so use it wisely to shout about your key messages.

Curb-side appeal

Consider investing in an LED screen, they are modern, slick and not too expensive. It’s a great way to use imagery and messages to define your salon’s personality – a moving image is always eye-catching to the passerby. It is also a perfect way to tailor your message to the community and vary it according to the time, day or target specific client groups.

The reception desk

Your space inside the door needs to be inviting and make clients and non-clients wander in and have a browse. If they are confronted by a desk straight away it can feel intimidating. Think about the way we shop on the high street and in department stores – people like to make a buying decision without being stared at by someone at a reception desk who is just a few feet away.

The desk itself shouldn’t be too high, so the clients can see the receptionist. Like any retail outlet, it should be clean and tidy as this gives a subtle message that your business as well-managed and organized. All too often salon reception desks are full of clutter – and they should most definitely not be.

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salon furniture salo furniture salon furniture salon design salon retail

Salon Furniture is very important for every salon. Investing in salon furniture aids to make an impression on potential clients.

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