Salon Chairs by beauty planet salon design

At Beauty Planet, we have new morden salon chairs to give morden outlook to your salons. Don’t forget to check out discounts on salon chairs and other salon products.

Crystal Chair – ONE OFF OFFER!! Only £575 RRP £1475 each!

salon chair

The Iconic Lounge Chair from OLYMP ONLY £799 for limited period only. Call 07970 188134 or 0208 487 5874

The Lounge Chair is the chair to have in your salon. Beautifully designed by our experts in germany. The Lounge chari is hand made to your satisfaction. It is double stitched for extra durability, tested and tested again before we even contemplate delivering straight to your salon. If you don’t believe us, challenge us! We will happily deliver any of our salon products straight to your salon for you to test.

lounge chair for your salon

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New Styling Chair – More Salon Products

The Crystal styling chair from Beauty Planet Salon Design makes a stylish, contemporary addition to any salon. Its sleek square shape has aluminium inlay in-between the arms and base and comes with either a rigid or adjustable back. There’s even the option of a headrest for ultra client comfort.

As with all Salon furniture, its after-care and customer service is exceptional. Its biggest point of difference is that furniture will be delivered to your salon, unpacked, with all packaging taken away and fitted to your requirements.

salon chair


Price from £1057. Call: 01455 234 018

The Fashion Screen styling unit is a sleek stylish option for any salon that wants classic but contemporary furniture that will stand the test of time. It’s available as a wall mounted single or freestanding double station. It has an attractive sand-blasted safety glass frame with options such as a mirror with facets, glass shelf, stainless steel footrest and integrated wardrobe.

Price: From £1168.

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Buy Salon Products at Beauty Planet

Are you looking for Salon products? Beauty Planet not only gives salon products but also provide bespoke salon furniture and will assist you with salon design.

Check out our salon products:

salon chair salon chair salon product - mirror hairmaster hairmaster


“Very happy. You and your company were very helpful and you were happy to work around our ideas”


“Beauty Planet have been useful in refurbishing my salon as they have worked with my thoughts and come up with new ideas; they have a good level of knowledge of salon spaces and have been great in their design of the salon”

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More Salon Products – Beauty Planet Salon Design

Beauty Planet Salon Design is bringing up some new salon products to give your salon a trendy and cool look. Salon Products like hairdryer ring, hairdryer holders, tower service, backwash and salon chairs…There are many more. At beauty planet, team of professionals expert in salon designing will assist you to give your salon a desired look.

Check out these salon products:

salon hairdryer ring hairdryer holder from beauty planet salon design salon design london spiral hairdryer


“Design ideas were knocked about between myself, Judith & the shop-fitter, until plans were tweaked to suit the needs of the salon. Happy with the ideas and input from Judith who was a very nice person and I hope to see her again soon. The salon is going well and the design suits all age groups, so they are all catered for.”

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Leasing and Buying Options on Salon Chairs

Are you looking for styling salon chairs? Beauty Planet has huge range of salon chairs. It offers both leasing and buying options. In leasing option, you can have the chair without paying full amount.

Check out salon furniture here:

salon chair more salon chair styling chair by beauty planet leasing option on salon chair salon chair

Loop Chair £6.26 per weekBased on a 4 year leasing option. RRP: £865

Balance Styling Mirror £6.26 per weekBased on a 4 year leasing option.
RRP: £865

Bow Chair £3.61 per weekBased on a 4 year leasing option.
RRP: £500

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Promotions on Salon Furniture

Beauty Planet Salon Design – We offer high quality salon products and bespoke salon furniture. We strive to get the best possible look for your salons.

Here are few salon products offered by Beauty Planet.

Salon Chair


Salon Mirror

salon product

Salon Backwash


Salon Reception Desk

salon reception desk

Here are some promotions on salon products:

salon furniture promotion on salon product backwashes

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Buying Salon Furniture Tips

Are you planning to buy salon furniture for your new salon?

Here are some top tips by Matthew Lutos, Salon design expert:

1) It’s all in the salon furniture detail : Always ask salon furniture supplier if seams are single or double stitched, and if fabrics are tested and if so, how. The frames of chairs are also important. The wood that the seat is made from should be a hardwood, such as beech, which is exceptionally durable. It sounds dull, but ask the manufacturer what wood the chair is made from and if you are not convinced it is a solid woon, ask how durable it is.

salon backwashes

modern salon design

2) If you can’t find the styling stations for salons that you want, dont dismiss having them made… : Chairs, backwashes, salon reception desks should be your main area of investment. A reputable joiner will be able to custom – make you styling stations that will last a lifetime, but only a reputable salon furniture supplier company can supply you with great quality chairs and backwashes that have been built for a busy salon.

trendy salon design

3) Try before you buy : The first generation of massage chairs tend to be the least uncomfortable, so opt for the recent second generation shiatsu chairs – they really make the backwash experience worthwhile. My advice is to sit and test them for a while, check them that they multiple speed and pressure functions and get a second opinion with regards to the comfort factor.

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