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Want to create a retail area in your salon but aren’t sure the best way to go about it? Or maybe you’re struggling for space and don’t know how to incorporate retail into your existing space?

Whatever your dilemma, our retail expert Matthew Lutos, managing director of Beauty Planet Salon Designs, has the answers. Here he tackles some of the most common questions when it comes to creating a salon retail area…

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I have an existing salon retail area that is not doing particularly well, but I don’t have a huge amount of stock. Could this be the reason why are stock levels that important?

Absolutely – stock levels are a major factor and you should always have your retail area well stocked with a wide variety of different professional products to choose from. It is really important that you look like you are open for business and that you have the image of a professional retailer. You are never going to achieve this unless you are well stocked up.

Fully stocked shelves with variety invite people to reach out and buy, whereas shelves that are low on stock and minimal will look like a display that’s not for sale. People won’t buy from something that looks like a display but they will buy from something that looks like a professional retail area. Look at supermarkets and department stores and the way they display their products- there is a reason why they pay people to constantly fill the shelves. And ensure variety.

I don’t have prices on my products because I’m scared the price will put people off and stop them from buying. Am I right?

Actually the worst thing you can do is not price your products. Think of any other professional retail outlet and imagine if they did not price things. Instantly you would buy less because you would be too embarrassed to ask or would not be able to make an informed decision without the price knowledge. Research has shown that out of all the people who do nut buy professional products from a salon, more than 70% of them do not do so because they do not know the price.

In the UK in particular we do not like to ask how much something is, because we do not want the embarrassment of declining the purchase and looking as if we cannot afford it. My recommendation to salons is to buy a nice piece of acrylic and use it to display prices on. By pricing everything you are also immediately delivering the message that you are open for business.

Should I be displaying information about the salon products or is that not necessary? I don’t want to put people off with information overload…

Always display information on the products and don’t be afraid to educate people. In salons the retail area is usually by the waiting area/reception, so often clients have a few minutes to browse. Giving them information on each product is simply giving them a reason to buy that product- people need solid reasons to pay a considerably higher price for your professional hair care products. You need to make your retail area active and the only way you will do that is by clearly pricing and pointing out the benefits of each product. This should always be kept simple and concise- don’t blind clients with science, but simply tell them in bullet points or in a few words what the product does and who it is suitable for. By doing this you are instantly connecting with them and giving them reasons to buy.

Research tells us that over 75% of people buying in hair and beauty salons make their decisions in the salon at point of retail. People don’t tend to think about it and come back so you only have one chance to make a convincing proposition about the product’s benefits. After all you are asking them to often pay three or four times the price of a hair product in a supermarket. So education on professional products benefits is critical.

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Buy Salon Products at Beauty Planet

Are you looking for Salon products? Beauty Planet not only gives salon products but also provide bespoke salon furniture and will assist you with salon design.

Check out our salon products:

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“Very happy. You and your company were very helpful and you were happy to work around our ideas”


“Beauty Planet have been useful in refurbishing my salon as they have worked with my thoughts and come up with new ideas; they have a good level of knowledge of salon spaces and have been great in their design of the salon”

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Ashton College – New Salon Design

Beauty Planet Salon Design strives hard to give new and trendy salon designs to colleges.

For Ashton College, professional team at Beauty Planet built  the entrie reception, the lighting fixtures and gave a trendy look to the surroundings.

salon design floor plan college salon design new salon design final salon design of ashton college

Check out 3D design visuals of Ashton College and Training salon for students. Don’t forget to check premium quality salon furniture.

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College Salon Design – Beauty Planet Salon Design

Beauty Planet Salon Design specialise in designing and fitting out College Salons. Also, proivde premium salon furniture. We have worked with many hair and beauty colleges over past 10 years.

College Salon Designs:

Salon Design and Fitout – Ashton College

ashton salon design ashton college project ashton salon design salon design

Walsall College – 3D Visual Design
3d design


“Beauty Planet provided us with an excellent design service. They were helpful, creative and easy to work with; optimising on the salon’s potential. Really pleased with the final result.”

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Make an impression with the fascia

The fascia is critical and is often overlooked. The style of the logo, the colour, whether it is bold or understated all says everything about who you are and who you are talking to. Do your own research by walking through a busy high street and look at the latest fascias and the messages they are sending out about what you  can expect inside. There’s a reason why brands such as Abercombie & Fitch and Hollister invest so heavily in their fascias – it ultimately pays to create an impression from the outside in.

By Matthew Lutos: Managing Partner of Olymp UK, talks about first impressions in May 2012 Hairdressing Journal. The first impressions you give to your potential clients are the ones that stick. He talks about various contributing factors such as the window, curb-side appeal, the fascia, the reception desk and the salon retail area

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New inspiring Salon Design by Beauty Planet

Beauty Planet has a team of professional salon designs. We are sharing some inspiring salon designs with you here:

salon designsalon design foto_88_219 salon design by beauty planet new salon designs


“Design ideas were knocked about between myself, Judith & the shop-fitter, until plans were tweaked to suit the needs of the salon. Happy with the ideas and input from Judith who was a very nice person and I hope to see her again soon. The salon is going well and the design suits all age groups, so they are all catered for.”

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What is Retail Design?

Retail Design is a way to commercialise and manage the stock to sell to the customers. The best retail design is that makes shopping easy for the customers and make them come back to you again and again.

Beauty Planet has a team of professionals who have many years of experience in giving best retail designs to the salon industry.

Salon Design Retail Design by Beauty Planet Retail Design Salon chair Salon design model


“The whole service was so easy and stress free. Very professional. The salon designer was able to understand my vision and made it very clear from the beginning, as previous people I have spoken to were just not on the same wave length and could not see my vision for the salon”


“Beauty Planet have been useful in refurbishing my salon as they have worked with my thoughts and come up with new ideas; they have a good level of knowledge of salon spaces and have been great in their design of the salon”

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