Salon Retail Reasoning with Matthew Lutos

Want to create a salon retail area but aren’t sure the best way to go about it? Or maybe you’re struggling for space and don’t know how to incorporate retail into your existing space?

Whatever your dilemma, our retail expert Matthew Lutos, managing director of Beauty Planet Salon Designs, has the answers. Here he tackles some of the most common questions when it comes to creating a retail area in the salon…

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I have a small salon and don’t have the space for retail. Any suggestions?


It’s more important to consider what you will do with your limited space. Often a metre wide will be enough! The important thing is to think about the environment you are creating- it is far more beneficial to have a small one metre retail area that works for you than a large area that doesn’t shift stock.


A custom built unit is obviously best. Olymp do some stunning retail units that can be made to measure, or if you’re on a budget and want to use an existing unit then think about how you can make a feature of the area through lighting. LED lights are inexpensive now and make a big difference to retail units- they really give the space its own identity.


Be wary of just using standard glass shelves in a handy alcove though- often just putting products on a shelf will look dull and you’ll struggle to create an ACTIVE salon retail area that talks to your customers. Remember, you are competing with supermarkets and the like and you need to look professional and ready for business- particularly as you are charging much higher prices than a supermarket.




I’ve followed all the ‘retailing rules’ and created a great space which is working well, but how can I draw more attention to the area?


The future of retailing is most definitely through moving media messages. This is something that Beauty Planet Salon Designs are really passionate about. Think about the way that people advertise on the tube line now- there are movie screens as you go down the escalators and wait on the platforms- and if you go to New York City, you’ll see shops with giant TV screens in their windows projecting their keys messages. This is the future of all retailing and salons are perfect models for this kind of client interaction. Small monitor placed in your retail display can have a sequence of messages and information on, which will relay all your key messages to your client- consider including lifestyle images; your own creative work; seasonal offers; product benefits etc. Today’s media technology is incredible and sleek, sophisticated monitors built into retail units will most definitely has dropped in price massively over recent years and I believe is well worth the small investment it requires.


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