Don’ts of salon design by Matthew Lutos

Here are some don’ts of getting to know your customer and designing your salon by salon design expert, Matthew Lutos:

– Assume you know your customer. Even if you knew it five years ago, the demographics in your area could have changed.

– Waste money on features that you personally love but that will do nothing to add value to your salon. You may have always wanted a stunning water feature, but if you’re aiming at the middle market and want to be the “fast food” of hairdressing, then it’s a waste of money.

– Scrimp and save on cheap salon furniture and design. Getting the experts in to offer their design advice will be money well spent, and cheap furniture is not an investment and it won’t last in a busy salon environment.

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New Salon Furniture – Beauty Planet Salon Design

Beauty Planet, professional salon designers, has recently launched high quality salon furniture.

Check out our salon furniture:

We have Switch Silver Drapes Double Kite, Switch Marble Gold Double Lounge, Switch Product Family. Cool Ice and many more..

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“For me, it was important to find a designer that I could work with in a collaborative way. I liked Matthew’s no-nonsense approach and also felt that we could talk to each other without negative consequences. The beauty of a good designer is that everything is done meticulously and I got exactly what I expected!”

Guy Christian – Owner

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