Beauty Planet Salon Design – In the press.

From Beauty Planet Salon Design …..

“We started our salon Retail Design journey over 20 years ago when we applied intelligent design space planning to Lancome retail sites around the world. It was not long before we were designing retail environments for most of the leading hair and beauty brands around the world. As a result we opened design studios both in Beijing and New York to provide a 24/7 across all time zones.

The most interesting element of our experienced journey is the extraordinary developments in electronic applications for use in retail communications. Paper and cardboard display is dead. Not if but when. The exciting opportunity is how we help retail environments understand how to make the most of this fantastic phenomenon.

We believe in Retail Active not Display passive! Customers will welcome informed messages that are easily and visually absorbed through the latest technology. We specialise in these areas and are now working closely with Samsung to provide exciting design and technology services for our Clients…”

salon design salon design beauty planet salon design beauty planet salon design

Visit our website for more information on salon design services. We can help you with setting up perfect salon environment for your customers.

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