Salon Retail Tips – Matthew Lutos

Matthew Lutos is the managing director of salon furniture company Beauty Planet Salon Design and Olymp UK and when it comes to salon design and how to retail – it’s his forte.

Last month Matthew expressed the need to clearly display your salon retail products and all the relevant information about each product. This month, Matthew suggests dedicating a retail manager to the area.

“In order for your retail business to be a success, every single member of your team needs to have in-depth product training. The biggest point of difference between a salon and the high street is that you have the professional expertise to offer clients. You’re the experts in creating a style and understanding what products are needed to get the look. Can you really imagine a supermarket assistant knowing what products are best for fighting frizz or what conditioner is best for redheads? Of course not, that’s why it’s vital that your team are truly experts in retail.

It’s important to remember that clients want your knowledge and expertise and you’re not trying to push them information that they don’t want.

However as well as educating the entire team on your salon product offerings, I always recommend giving one person the responsibility of managing the area and taking responsibility for the retail side of the business. The ideal person for this role is a receptionist. It generally works really well because the receptionist is the first and last point of contact for clients, and they are usually positioned near the retail area – making them perfectly placed to maintain it.

salon retail beauty planet salon design matthew lutos salon retail tips matthew lutos salon retail tips

It’s really important that the area is fully stocked at all times, if there’s only a small amount of one product left on the shelf it won’t create as much of an impact as a fully stocked shelf. Keeping each product and the actual unit spotlessly clean is really important. I also truly believe that you need to invest in quality furniture and displaying your retail on flimsy display cabinets will not create the right impression. Your products need to look like they are worth the investment, and dusty products on a unit that’s not built for professional use will most definitely have an impact in sales.

Finally, don’t forget about testers. Haircare products are all about touching the senses – people want to smell, touch and feel the products so let the products sell themselves by having testers displayed.

Most importantly, make the retail area part of the salon that you are proud of. It should never look like an add-on to the salon or an afterthought; it should be an integral part of the business.”

Salon Design Services by Matthew Lutos

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