Salon Design Tips by Matthew Lutos

Matthew Lutos – Managing Director of Beauty Planet Salon Design offers his top tips for giving your salon a summer spruce up on a shoestring….

1.De-clutter and let the light in!

One of the biggest design mistakes that salons make is that they fill their window with posters and promotional displays, to the point that no one can see in. Your window is your biggest showcase and whilst I would advise on having some imagery, don’t overdo it. Less is more – if you’ve got your entire window space filled with clutter, potential clients won’t know where to look.


2.Get some flowers in

It may sound obvious but flowers make such a difference to the look and feel of a salon. Putting fresh flowers on display will guarantee a reaction from your clients and they won’t fail to notice them.

3.Get a light box and rotate the images

Wall-mounted light boxes are an inexpensive way of displaying imagery and it looks extremely effective for salon design. You can have any image put on a transparency to fit the box, and then change it according to the season. It’s perfect for displaying a brilliant blonde for summer.

4.Spring clean

Once the sun shines it’s amazing how much the dirt shows up. It’s amazing how when you’re faced with the same thing every day you stop seeing the detail that can make all the difference. Ask someone you trust to do a mystery shop and pay attention to all the details. Make sure that you grasp the opportunity to de-clutter, clean and freshen up the salon.

5. Give one wall a revamp.

Sometimes it is worth choosing a wall that is not a major focus in the salon, and rather than painting it, wallpaper it. You can change the wallpaper on regular occasions and the cost is minimal. Summer is a brilliant time to put something fresh and new up.

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