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Want to create a retail area in your salon but aren’t sure the best way to go about it? Or maybe you’re struggling for space and don’t know how to incorporate retail into your existing space?

Whatever your dilemma, our retail expert Matthew Lutos, managing director of Beauty Planet Salon Designs, has the answers. Here he tackles some of the most common questions when it comes to creating a retail area in the salon…

Check out these salon retail designs by Matthew Lutos and his team:

salon retail retail design beauty planet salon design matthew lutos salon retail

At Beauty Planet, we provide assistance with salon design and also provide high quality salon furniture.

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New Styling Stations – Beauty Planet

Are you looking for salon refurbishment? Don’t forget to try our cool and fabulous styling stations that will add grace to your salon.

salon furniture salon product styling station salon product salon product


“The whole service was marvellous, chuffed to bits. The designer was really professional, very friendly and warm. Really really happy.”


“Having decided to open a hair salon in Alloa, we thought, we have the premises but where do we start. As I knew Jim Ward personally I went to him for advice, and he told me of Judith Holmes and said he would get her to give us a call. Sure enough that week she phoned and arranged an appointment to come to our shell of a salon, which she did in the same week. The salon needed a lot of interior work done structure wise but Judith got to it taking measurements, showing us materials for chairs coverings and for floors; there was not a thing she did not put to us. Within 1 week she had a floor plan and design for us. Together we made a few changes as we had a budget to stick to, so she worked with us and put to us alternatives. Once we decided it was all go, Judith was always on the other side of the phone when our workmen had any queries i.e. plug points, plumbing they would just phone and she could tell them exactly what they needed to know. The furniture and fittings we ordered arrived on schedule and was all the correct order with no faults (thank goodness) so we were ready for our big opening evening for family and friends. Judith was there that Friday night which myself and which myself was a very personal touch. She stayed for ages taking photos and talking to everyone, so her support never ended after the sale it was on going. So thanks Judith for our beautiful salon design. Our clientele is booming with everyone commenting on how lovely the salon is. It does pay to invest in decent furniture so am glad we took the advice because people will pay to come into a nice salon. The past year of trading has shown that.”

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Salon Refurbishment and bespoke salon furniture are services offered by Beauty Planet.

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New Backwash – Salon Products

Beauty Planet Salon Design has some new salon products – New Backwashes. More comfortable for your salons.

Have a look:

backwash beauty planet salon product salon product sleek backwash new backwash

Synchro Loop S

LavaSit Joy wins you over with a slender stainless steel base and can be combined with all rigid OLYMP upper chair parts. Whether a single, row or wall installation – this shampoo station combines functional comfort with unlimited quality in every configuration.

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How to make an impression in seconds?

The message you project to potential clients in the first few seconds in crucial, says Matthew Lutos

The window

All too often, a salon window is covered in too many posters and messages. There is no focus and visually it becomes like wallpaper. Get someone who is not afraid to be honest to look at your salon with a fresh pair of eyes and tell you what you don’t always see. Remember your window is the advert that promotes your salon 24/7, so if all that can be seen is a few dead plants and some old posters, what will this say about your business? It’s your billboard to the world so use it wisely to shout about your key messages.

Curb-side appeal

Consider investing in an LED screen, they are modern, slick and not too expensive. It’s a great way to use imagery and messages to define your salon’s personality – a moving image is always eye-catching to the passerby. It is also a perfect way to tailor your message to the community and vary it according to the time, day or target specific client groups.

The reception desk

Your space inside the door needs to be inviting and make clients and non-clients wander in and have a browse. If they are confronted by a desk straight away it can feel intimidating. Think about the way we shop on the high street and in department stores – people like to make a buying decision without being stared at by someone at a reception desk who is just a few feet away.

The desk itself shouldn’t be too high, so the clients can see the receptionist. Like any retail outlet, it should be clean and tidy as this gives a subtle message that your business as well-managed and organized. All too often salon reception desks are full of clutter – and they should most definitely not be.

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salon furniture salo furniture salon furniture salon design salon retail

Salon Furniture is very important for every salon. Investing in salon furniture aids to make an impression on potential clients.

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How to display Salon products?

How you actually display your products is a key factor in making your salon retail story a success. High quality, functional and stylish retail units are a must. “It’s a false economy to buy cheap retail units. Investing in salon furniture from Olymp may cost you more in the initial stages, however you know it’s going to last. Retail units in particular need to look great but more importantly they need to talk to the client; tell them about the benefits of the individual product lines. Interact and educate rather than just stack the stock on shelves…

It’s a good point. With supermarkets competing for shampoo sales, the units in a salon need to reflect the premium price. How can you expect someone to buy a shampoo that is ten times the price of the supermarket if you’re displaying it on a tacky looking unit?

According to Matthew, pricing the salon products is a must because quite rightly, no one wants the embarrassment of asking how much something is. “The majority of people would rather walk away than ask the price,” he says.

Finally, always have testers on display so anyone can touch smell and experience the product before they buy it. “Testers are so important and you can guarantee they will help sell more products. People want to smell the ingredients, not just read about them on the bottle,” says Matthew.

salon retail salon retail salon products display matthew lutos retail sale

If retailing is something you’ve managed to master, then you’re no doubt laughing all the way to the stock room. If on the other hand you’re still in the mindset that hairdressers are not sales people, then it’s definitely time for a change of direction. Good retailing can considerably increase your profits and most importantly, completes the service that you’re offering as a professional hairdresser.

Small Tip on Salon Design:


The first thing to ensure is that the valves are balanced properly so that temperatures are consistent when other taps are turned on. Also get your plumber to do a pressure test before the floor tiles go back down. It’s a simple test and will save ripping the floor up if it hasn’t been done properly.

The constant usage of water is a salon means that inevitably things will go wrong from time to time.

Therefore access panels are a must. Access to valves and pumps must be easy so that you don’t have to destroy the décor in order to get something fixed.

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Tips on Salon Designing – Beauty Planet

Here are some things advised by Matthew Lutos, Salon design professional, which should be followed in getting to know your customers and designing your salon:

  • Assume you know your customers. Even if you knew it five years ago, the demographics in your area could have changed.
  • Waste money on features that you personally love but that will do nothing to add value to your salon. You may have always wanted a stunning waste feature, but if you’re aiming at the middle market and want to be the ‘fast food’ of hairdressing, then it’s a waste of money.
  • Scrimp and save on cheap furniture and design. Getting the experts in to offer their design advice will be money well spent, and cheap furniture is not an investment and it won’t last in a busy salon environment.


Matthew Lutos tips beauty planet salon design mood board salon design - mood board

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New Styling Chair – More Salon Products

The Crystal styling chair from Beauty Planet Salon Design makes a stylish, contemporary addition to any salon. Its sleek square shape has aluminium inlay in-between the arms and base and comes with either a rigid or adjustable back. There’s even the option of a headrest for ultra client comfort.

As with all Salon furniture, its after-care and customer service is exceptional. Its biggest point of difference is that furniture will be delivered to your salon, unpacked, with all packaging taken away and fitted to your requirements.

salon chair


Price from £1057. Call: 01455 234 018

The Fashion Screen styling unit is a sleek stylish option for any salon that wants classic but contemporary furniture that will stand the test of time. It’s available as a wall mounted single or freestanding double station. It has an attractive sand-blasted safety glass frame with options such as a mirror with facets, glass shelf, stainless steel footrest and integrated wardrobe.

Price: From £1168.

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