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Our salon furniture and salon design expert who does know his stuff, is Matthew Lutos, Managing Director of Beauty Planet Salon Designs. He has been working with salons creating their dream environment for more than 20 years, and understands exactly what salon owners should be looking for when shopping for furniture.

Some tips on buying salon furniture:

1. Ask a furniture supplier if the seams are single or double stitched, and if the fabrics are tested and if so, how, The frames of chairs are also important. The wood that the seat is made from should be a hardwood, such as beech, which is exceptionally durable. It sounds dull, but ask the manufacturer what wood the chair is made from and if you’re not convinced it is a solid wood, ask how durable it is.

2. The first generation of massage chairs tend to be the least uncomfortable, so opt for the most recent second generation Shiatsu Chairs – they really make the backwash expereince worthwhile. My advice is to sit and test them for a while, check that they have multiple speed and pressure functions and get a second opinion with regards to the comfort factor.

3. A reputable salon furniture company should ask you these kind of questions, but if you’re doing your initial research, simple map out on the floor where the furniture would be.

salon design trendy salon style salon design by beauty planet beauty planet salon design

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Promotions on Salon Furniture

Here are some promotions on Salon Furniture by Beauty Planet Salon Design. Salon Furniture is usually very expensive. When styling your salon, we keep client budget in mind. We have introduced some leasing options on salon furniture.

Check it out:

mirror for salon salon chair backwash - beauty planet backwash - beauty planet new salon chair

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Bespoke Salon Furniture by Beauty Planet

Salon Furniture makes your salon compelete. It is essential that the furniture is high quality and matches with your salon design. It is very difficult to find the exact match. At Beauty Planet Salon Design, we provide bespoke salon furniture. We design furniture as per the needs of our clients.

Our existing Clients claim that even after 10 years the furniture is still good as new. We have many Salon Owner testimonials which we can share with you.

Here are some pictures from our workshop where we make personalised furniture for salons:

bespoke salon furniture beauty planet salon design beauty planet salon furniture workshop bespoke salon furniture


“As a salon owner I have particularly high expectations and these were met by Beauty Planet. The design service was very efficient and all furniture arrived when I was told it would. Very pleased indeed.”


“Beauty Planet provided us with an excellent design service. They were helpful, creative and easy to work with; optimising on the salon’s potential. Really pleased with the final result.”

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Stool – Salon Products

At Beauty Planet Salon Design, we have some new stools for your salon.

Check out these salon products:

stool salon product beauty planet beauty planet salon product  stoolrodeo stool

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Haircraft – Salon Product

There are three kinds of Haircraft, another salon products by Beauty Planet Salon Design.

Basic Haircraft

Stationary vacuum cleaner with plastic casing in silver grey

beauty planet salon design

Edition Haircraft

Stationary vacuum cleaner with stainless steel casing

edition haircraft

Barrel Haircraft

Stainless steel laundry bin with square perforation holes; movable; cover with handle hole

barrel haircraft - salon product

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Some new Salon Designs

Recent Salon designs by Beauty Planet.

We bring your salon design to reality in 6 easy steps:

1. APPOINTMENT – Get an appointment with one of our salon design specialist.

2. MOOD BOARDS – We will go through other example of salon styles so you can choose what suits you the best.

3. CHOOSE FURNITURE – We will help you to choose best salon furniture for you.

4. FLOOR PLANS – Creating salon floor plan in brief to give you idea about the space usage.

5. 3D VISUALS  – Seeing design in 3d always help.

6. SALON FIT-OUTS – Finally we will set up your dream salon.

salon design salon furniture salon design by beauty planet beauty planet salon design beauty planet

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Buy Salon Products at Beauty Planet

Are you looking for Salon products? Beauty Planet not only gives salon products but also provide bespoke salon furniture and will assist you with salon design.

Check out our salon products:

salon chair salon chair salon product - mirror hairmaster hairmaster


“Very happy. You and your company were very helpful and you were happy to work around our ideas”


“Beauty Planet have been useful in refurbishing my salon as they have worked with my thoughts and come up with new ideas; they have a good level of knowledge of salon spaces and have been great in their design of the salon”

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