Cheap Salon Furniture – Beauty Planet Salon Design

There is a lot of cheap salon furniture on the market but it may not be cheap in the long run. The extreme usage a chair will have in a salon means durability is vital.

Often with cheaper furniture, the foot pumps break, the stitching goes and it will become shabby sooner. If you work out how much you have to spend on a new lot of furniture, you will find it would have been more economical to buy something more expensive but more hardwearing in the long term.

Think of it in terms of how much good quality salon furniture is going to cost you over a five year period. For instance if you buy nine chairs at £700 each and three backwashes at £1500, the cost per week over a five year period is just £41 per week, which is about the equivalent of one haircut!

Viewed in those terms, you can see that buying well-made, durable furniture makes financial sense.

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Matthew Lutos, expert in salon retail, owner of Beauty Planet. Contact today for more information on salon planning.


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