Make an impression with the fascia

The fascia is critical and is often overlooked. The style of the logo, the colour, whether it is bold or understated all says everything about who you are and who you are talking to. Do your own research by walking through a busy high street and look at the latest fascias and the messages they are sending out about what you  can expect inside. There’s a reason why brands such as Abercombie & Fitch and Hollister invest so heavily in their fascias – it ultimately pays to create an impression from the outside in.

By Matthew Lutos: Managing Partner of Olymp UK, talks about first impressions in May 2012 Hairdressing Journal. The first impressions you give to your potential clients are the ones that stick. He talks about various contributing factors such as the window, curb-side appeal, the fascia, the reception desk and the salon retail area

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