Salon Retail Design Tips by Matthew Lutos

Matthew Lutos from Beauty Planet Salon Design speaks out on salon retail success.

Matthew Lutos is the managing director of salon furniture company Olymp UK. Whilst he loves nothing more than talking about why his furniture is as good as it gets. Matthew’s background is in designing high-end environments, so competing for sales is something he truly gets.

“Why on earth would any hairdresser want to start selling products for a living? It’s a creative trade, right? Well, not exactly – firstly, retailing can boost your turnover greatly, and secondly it’s part of the professional service that as a haircare expert, you really should be offering.

Those salons that have mastered the art of retailing you’ll notice have never looked back – they just quietly keep going and make their profits rise. Those that think it’s less relevant, not creative – think again….

salon design retail sales salon retail Retail design

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