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There is a lot of cheap salon furniture on the market but it may not be cheap in the long run. The extreme usage a chair will have in a salon means durability is vital.

Often with cheaper furniture, the foot pumps break, the stitching goes and it will become shabby sooner. If you work out how much you have to spend on a new lot of furniture, you will find it would have been more economical to buy something more expensive but more hardwearing in the long term.

Think of it in terms of how much good quality salon furniture is going to cost you over a five year period. For instance if you buy nine chairs at £700 each and three backwashes at £1500, the cost per week over a five year period is just £41 per week, which is about the equivalent of one haircut!

Viewed in those terms, you can see that buying well-made, durable furniture makes financial sense.

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Wiring and LED Lighting for your Salon


Wiring is cheap to do when you are gutting a place, but really expensive if you need to add more lighting or make changes afterwards, so it is really important to get it right to begin with.

Think about how natural light works in your salon and let this guide where to have styling stations. Always go for more lighting rather than less for your salon design.

Decide on where your salon reception desk will go at the beginning and stick to it. If you change where it is going half way through the project, you are looking at moving a lot of sockets.

Think through the position of sockets on the styling stations, considering the direction of the wire for the hairdryer, you don’t want the wire getting wrapped around the client’s neck or around the salon furniture

Think of your salon in terms of zones and how each zone will be lit.

LED Lighting is eco-friendly and popular but unfortunately it doesn’t give off a significant amount of light for the work needed in a salon. If you are going to go for LED lighting get some proper advice and add more than you think you are going to need.

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Things to consider before Salon Refurbishment

Matthew Lutos is the Managing Director of Beauty Planet Salon Design and Olymp Salon furniture and has been involved numerous renovations and salon refurbishments. As part of our New Year Salon Clinic. Matthew shares his top tips of pre-project considerations, which you may be thinking about this time of year.

“ As with all major projects, good planning is paramount, but even with good salon planning there are always a few pitfalls to beware of,” Says Matthew.

Floor Plan

It is so important to get the floor plan right. You need to maximise the space without it being overbearing. You need to get the balance between having enough space so that clients have a pleasant experience and utilising space efficiently. Also, be aware that architects might not take into consideration the amount of space a stylist needs around the styling station. This is also true for the backwash. There needs to be enough room to work, for back bar and also sufficient room for customers to walk to and from the chairs, bearing in mind any extra room needed for legs rests.

A general rule of thumb on space for a styling station is that an area of 1.2 metres is required. For a backwash chair you need 2.3 metres long by 1 metre wide. However you need to take account of the environment such as additional structures.

3-D Visuals

Invest in 3-D Visuals – they are not just a bit of fancy visual magic. Being able to see what your salon will look like is really important because how you interpret the floor plan may not be how your builder interprets it. A 3-D Visual plan will give you both a point of reference and ensure that you are both interpreting it the same way. This can avoid much frustration, extra cost and heartache later on.

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Bespoke Salon Furniture services by Beauty Planet

At Beauty Planet, we understand the importance of salon furniture for your salon. It is inevitable for a good salon not to have good quality salon furniture. Here, we help you design bespoke salon furniture that will go with your colour scheme and the structure of your salon. Professional and expert advice will be given before actually starting with making of furniture.

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“I’m a partner in a small chain of hairdressers on the south coast of England. We first used the designer Jessica Read from Beauty Planet when taking over an old run down salon in Winchester. To see now, the before and after photographs are quite staggering.

Beauty Planet offers an immediate space design after doing a thorough site visit and survey.
Jessica welcomed our ideas and listened to our point of view and comes up with several options to help you make a final decision.
Once you’ve made a decision on layout it is then very easy to pick a style of furniture to suit your tastes and needs.
Being able to visit the studio to see the various ranges is very helpful.
I would consider myself as being particularly fussy and having things exactly as I want them and Jessica always finds a way of making the design fit the space available.
After the design stage, the ordering process was extremely efficient and arrived on time with all the components in place. This year we are currently looking at 2 other venues and have various options to choose from and can highly recommend this service.”


“From start to finish it’s been absolutely fantastic, I’m over the moon with everything that has been done. Everything has been exactly as explained from start to finish. Delivery of the salon has been fantastic from designing everything to fit the space to everything being delivered on time & being well packaged. The design service was great. I think it is fantastic that I got in the 17 units and the 4 backwashes that I wanted, whereas I didn’t have that before, I got everything I wanted, so absolutely delighted.”

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Make an impression with the fascia

The fascia is critical and is often overlooked. The style of the logo, the colour, whether it is bold or understated all says everything about who you are and who you are talking to. Do your own research by walking through a busy high street and look at the latest fascias and the messages they are sending out about what you  can expect inside. There’s a reason why brands such as Abercombie & Fitch and Hollister invest so heavily in their fascias – it ultimately pays to create an impression from the outside in.

By Matthew Lutos: Managing Partner of Olymp UK, talks about first impressions in May 2012 Hairdressing Journal. The first impressions you give to your potential clients are the ones that stick. He talks about various contributing factors such as the window, curb-side appeal, the fascia, the reception desk and the salon retail area

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New Salon Refurbishment Projects

Beauty Planet Salon Design has succesfully refurbished some new salons recently and gave them a unique and trendy look. A salon design is a very strong factor to keep your customers coming back to your salons again and again.

Here are some newly refurbished salons by Beauty Planet:

salon design salon refurbishment new cool salon design popular salon design salon refurbishment in process


“My retail area was completely transformed, Beauty Planet Salon Designs took everything into consideration – from the flow of traffic in the salon, to the lighting and flooring. Not only did they provide me in the physical sense with a stunning retail area, but they advised me on how I can increase my retail business – which I have actively done. In fact, it has increased by 29%.” Ken Picton, Founder.

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Leasing and Buying Options on Salon Chairs

Are you looking for styling salon chairs? Beauty Planet has huge range of salon chairs. It offers both leasing and buying options. In leasing option, you can have the chair without paying full amount.

Check out salon furniture here:

salon chair more salon chair styling chair by beauty planet leasing option on salon chair salon chair

Loop Chair £6.26 per weekBased on a 4 year leasing option. RRP: £865

Balance Styling Mirror £6.26 per weekBased on a 4 year leasing option.
RRP: £865

Bow Chair £3.61 per weekBased on a 4 year leasing option.
RRP: £500

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