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Are you looking for styling mirrors for your salon innovation?

Balance Styling MirrorSingle wall-mounted or double freestanding styling station; side panels inbrushed aluminium, Natural concrete, Smoked oak, Vintage oak or Volcano black; front panels and worktop with aluminium pilaster strip; optional: integrated functional module with hair dryer holder, wall sockets, wardrobe; optional stainless steel foot rest, handbag hook

salon design

Bongo Styling MirrorWall-mounted single styling station with various frame variations in Dark concrete, Natural concrete, Smoked oak, Vintage oak, Volcano black and upholstered in fabric; various glass shelves; optional hair dryer holder, handbag hook, integrated wardrobe, material cabinet with wall sockets, shelves and stainless steel foot rest

Retail design

Silence Styling MirrorWall-mounted single or double styling station; freestanding as single, double or4x styling station; ash veneered wood; hinged stainless-steel mirror; optional hair dryer ring, power sockets, handbag shelf, drawer; freestanding chrome-plated foot rest

salon furniture

Fashion Screen Styling MirrorWall-mounted single or freestanding double styling station; safety glass insand-blasted look or black with kickstrip in silver; mirror with facets; glass shelf in sandblasted look; stainless-steel foot rest; optional integrated wardrobe or material cabinet with power sockets, shelves, hair dryer holder, lighting; service module for wallmounting

salon furniture - retail design

Bracket Styling MirrorWall-mounted styling station in silver aluminium. Rack with integrated double electric socket and coat hook, shelves black silk mat coated, hair dryer ring on the right hand, optional with footrest and lighting ring profile

styling mirror- salon furniture

Square Styling MirrorDouble styling station wall-standing or freestanding or 4x styling station freestanding, with power sockets, optional with stainless-steel foot rest and chrome-plated hair dryer ring, available in four different decors: firn white, olive tree, wenge, Milano darkly oak

bespoke salon furniture

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