What is Retail Design?

Retail Design is a way to commercialise and manage the stock to sell to the customers. The best retail design is that makes shopping easy for the customers and make them come back to you again and again.

Beauty Planet has a team of professionals who have many years of experience in giving best retail designs to the salon industry.

Salon Design Retail Design by Beauty Planet Retail Design Salon chair Salon design model


“The whole service was so easy and stress free. Very professional. The salon designer was able to understand my vision and made it very clear from the beginning, as previous people I have spoken to were just not on the same wave length and could not see my vision for the salon”


“Beauty Planet have been useful in refurbishing my salon as they have worked with my thoughts and come up with new ideas; they have a good level of knowledge of salon spaces and have been great in their design of the salon”

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Promotions on Salon Furniture

Beauty Planet Salon Design – We offer high quality salon products and bespoke salon furniture. We strive to get the best possible look for your salons.

Here are few salon products offered by Beauty Planet.

Salon Chair


Salon Mirror

salon product

Salon Backwash


Salon Reception Desk

salon reception desk

Here are some promotions on salon products:

salon furniture promotion on salon product backwashes

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More salon furniture and salon design – Beauty Planet

At Beauty Planet Salon Design, we have the LavaSit Vareo – cousin to LavaSit Comfort in luxury! Includes massage setting for your customers to sit back and relaaaaax! Only £2200

salon furniture LavaSit Vareo - Salon Furniture


Waschanlage LavaSit Comfort mit Massage, Frisierplätze Bongo mit Stuhl Loop und Rezeption Senso — at TOP HAIR Trend & Fashion Days.

salon design classic salon design salon furniture salon furniture at top hair trend backwash

Like our salon furniture?

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Bespoke Salon Furniture – Beauty Planet Salon Design

Need customised salon furniture for your salons?

At Beauty Planet, we can help you to design salon furniture as per your salon design requirement.

Here are some pictures of our salon furniture in construction:

salon furniture bespoke salon furniture build salon furniture beauty planet workshop salon furniture

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Reviews about our salon design and salon furniture

Beauty Planet has been designing salon and giving high quality salon furniture for many years. We have made some of our happy customer who have been very satisfied with their salon design. We also helped them to improve retail design to improve the business.

retail design new salon design high quality salon furniture


“Very happy. You and your company were very helpful and you were happy to work around our ideas”


“Having decided to open a hair salon in Alloa, we thought, we have the premises but where do we start. As I knew Jim Ward personally I went to him for advice, and he told me of Judith Holmes and said he would get her to give us a call. Sure enough that week she phoned and arranged an appointment to come to our shell of a salon, which she did in the same week. The salon needed a lot of interior work done structure wise but Judith got to it taking measurements, showing us materials for chairs coverings and for floors; there was not a thing she did not put to us. Within 1 week she had a floor plan and salon design for us. Together we made a few changes as we had a budget to stick to, so she worked with us and put to us alternatives. Once we decided it was all go, Judith was always on the other side of the phone when our workmen had any queries i.e. plug points, plumbing they would just phone and she could tell them exactly what they needed to know. The salon furniture and fittings we ordered arrived on schedule and was all the correct order with no faults (thank goodness) so we were ready for our big opening evening for family and friends. Judith was there that Friday night which myself and which myself was a very personal touch. She stayed for ages taking photos and talking to everyone, so her support never ended after the sale it was on going. So thanks Judith for our beautiful salon design. Our clientele is booming with everyone commenting on how lovely the salon is. It does pay to invest in decent furniture so am glad we took the advice because people will pay to come into a nice salon. The past year of trading has shown that.”

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Styling Mirrors – Beauty Planet Salon Design

Are you looking for styling mirrors for your salon innovation?

Balance Styling MirrorSingle wall-mounted or double freestanding styling station; side panels inbrushed aluminium, Natural concrete, Smoked oak, Vintage oak or Volcano black; front panels and worktop with aluminium pilaster strip; optional: integrated functional module with hair dryer holder, wall sockets, wardrobe; optional stainless steel foot rest, handbag hook

salon design

Bongo Styling MirrorWall-mounted single styling station with various frame variations in Dark concrete, Natural concrete, Smoked oak, Vintage oak, Volcano black and upholstered in fabric; various glass shelves; optional hair dryer holder, handbag hook, integrated wardrobe, material cabinet with wall sockets, shelves and stainless steel foot rest

Retail design

Silence Styling MirrorWall-mounted single or double styling station; freestanding as single, double or4x styling station; ash veneered wood; hinged stainless-steel mirror; optional hair dryer ring, power sockets, handbag shelf, drawer; freestanding chrome-plated foot rest

salon furniture

Fashion Screen Styling MirrorWall-mounted single or freestanding double styling station; safety glass insand-blasted look or black with kickstrip in silver; mirror with facets; glass shelf in sandblasted look; stainless-steel foot rest; optional integrated wardrobe or material cabinet with power sockets, shelves, hair dryer holder, lighting; service module for wallmounting

salon furniture - retail design

Bracket Styling MirrorWall-mounted styling station in silver aluminium. Rack with integrated double electric socket and coat hook, shelves black silk mat coated, hair dryer ring on the right hand, optional with footrest and lighting ring profile

styling mirror- salon furniture

Square Styling MirrorDouble styling station wall-standing or freestanding or 4x styling station freestanding, with power sockets, optional with stainless-steel foot rest and chrome-plated hair dryer ring, available in four different decors: firn white, olive tree, wenge, Milano darkly oak

bespoke salon furniture

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What Our Clients Say…Beauty Planet

Here are some of our testimonials from our clients for whom we did salon designing.

Burlingtons : ‘….there was 67% increase on sales year on year...’

The end result is stunning and has made a big impact on our clients. The reality is, by addressing our salon retail area and just making some small changes, we’ve improved our profits massively. We have seen retail figures significantly improve since the salon refit was complete, one of the best weeks there was a 67% increase on sales year on year. This makes a massive difference to our bottom line, and we’re so glad that we made the investment to change our retail area.

Clive Colman, Founder and Managing Director

salon retail salon design salon retail area salon furniture

Zoology : ‘…made a big difference to our salon retail sales….’

I am amazed at how much difference just tweaking the entrance to the salon has made. It’s incredible and the impact that it has made on our business is substantial. The new area is really modern; it looks so impressive and has definitely made a big difference to our retail sales. It’s inviting and presents our salon products in a really great light. Retail sales have increased by 23% and are growing.

Mark Mountney, Managing Director

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