Basic Guide to buy Salon Furniture

Matthew Lutos is a Salon Design expert. Here are some of his top tips when buying salon furniture or salon planning.

1) Always ask a salon furniture supplier if the seams are single stiched, and if the fabrics are tested and if so, how. The frames of chairs are also important. The wood that the seat is made from should be a hardwood, such as beech, which is exceptionally durable. It sounds dull, but ask the manufacturer what wood the chair is made from and if you’re not convinced it is a solid wood, ask how durable it is.

2) Salon chairs, backwashes and reception desks should be your main area of investment. A reputable joiner will be able to custom-make your salon styling stations that will last alifetime; but only a reputable salon furniture company can supply you with great quality chairs and backwashes that have been built for a busy salon.

3) Think of the logistics….measure up! You may have found the chair or backwash of your dreams, but make sure you do your homework and check the measurements are suitable for your salon. Large sunken chairs may look the part, but if you’ve only got a small salon you’ll need to keep your salon furniture as small and compact as possible.

salon furniture

high quality salon furniture

salon design idea

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