Salon Furniture – Styling Mirrors

Beauty Planet Salon Design is presenting some designs of styling mirrors to give a perfect look to your salons.

Follow Up Styling MirrorStyling point with back panel in glossy black or white or upholstered finish. Mirror is mounted on the left or right. Shelf in various decors with hair dryer holder and handbag holder as option

styling mirror - salon product

Framework Styling MirrorWall-mounted single styling station in chrome-plated aluminium. Mirror on both sides and above with satinated cut-out for integrated lighting. Shelf with blow dryer ring in grey glass or satinated white glass. Kickpanel of satinated mirror with built-on stainless steel foot rest

salon product

Unique Styling MirrorWall-mounted single styling station; 2.20 or 2.40 meters high; shelf with option of glass surface and hair dryer holder; with or without detachable foot rest; in black or white high gloss paint; with floral ornaments as an option

beautiful styling mirror

Poet Styling MirrorStyling point with rounded corners, with optional function module. Tread protection of clear or satinised mirror. Optionally with or without attached stainless steel footrest. Interchangeable decorative strips in many coverings, aluminium decor, black or white glass for individual writing – including decor marker. Stainless steel shelf body optionally with hair dryer holder with various changeable inserts

poet styling mirror for salon

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One thought on “Salon Furniture – Styling Mirrors

  1. Hair and Beauty Salons Cardiff says:

    Thanks for giving more information about different types of mirrors

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