Why Errol Doughlas choose Olymp for salon furniture ?

Errol Doughlas MBE chose Olymp for salon furniture and salon design services.

See what he says:

“I invested in Olymp ten years ago, and it was the savviest decision I made. It still looks as good now as the day it was delivered. I had recently refurbished my salon, and I had no hesitation in going straight back to Olymp. I’ve opted for the crytal chairs – stunningly designed and of course I know they were going to stand the test of time once again. I belive you get what you pay for with salon furniture and it’s a false economy to try and cut corners. ”

salon design for Errol Doughlas

Errol Douglas Salon with Olymp UK

salon case study

Beauty Planet Salon design take up role of world’s leading salon furniture company very seriously. We are fanatical about every single detail and every item is built to last.

Our solid wooden framed chairs test all materials very rigorously. Our fabrics are of highest quality.

We are just furniture geeks and get passionate about salon design.

Visit our facebook page to see more salon designs.



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