When clients are inside the salon, Matthew Lutos, Salon Design Professional advises to get on the future of salon retailing with apps.

Within the app you should have small stories about the salon products; the benefits, an image of the results it achieves and the price. It’s educating your clients on the products in the most advanced way possible.

This takes away the responsibility of retailing from stylists and puts it safely in the hands of technology-you won’t believe the gadgets available…

“We now have beams to that, when crossed, will activate small TV monitors to show benefits of products or whatever else you want to shout about. You can create various product zones in the salon and set the whole retail display to come alive whenever a client steps into it,” explains Matthew.

“Lift off technology” is also set to be huge- whereby you lift a product off a pad, then a small TV monitor lights up and tells you about the product and benefits. This type of technology may be new for salons, but the cosmetics industry has been using it for some time as Matthew says: “Most cosmetic counters are in very competitive arenas therefore they have had to work extremely hard to get the consumer to spend with them.”


What kind of investment would this next generation of retail display cost? Matthew recommends starting with a selection of apps on your shelves, which cost between £1,000 and £2,000 with the latest state-of the art screens , but the winning retail sales will soon make it worthwhile.

Matthew says the future of salon technology is inevitable and if you get involved you’ll reap the benefits: “It’s already begun so don’t be last to get started. Get ahead of the game and start winning sales.”

salon deisgn london

salon refurbishment london


Matthew Lutos is the managing director of Olymp and Beauty Planet Salon Designs and is available for free consultations and advice for salons interested in expanding their retail area. Call 01455 234 018 or visit

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