Planning Salon Redesign or Salon Refits

At Beauty Planet, we strive to provide an excellent services ro redeisgn or to do salon refits.

We provide bespoke salon furniture and salon refurbishment as we belive every one has a different set of requirement. The basic floor plan for your salon design will be created from your brief. It is essential that we think through all the options, so you can consider the benefits of maximising more styling units or devote some extra space for a larger colour bar or a bigger retail zone…We have found that every brief is different and is bespoke for your own preferences.

salon refurbishment london

bespoke salon refurbishment


Once we have agreed the costs and you have signed off the floorplan, we can produce a 3D visual of your Salon Design. It will give you an immediate idea of your vision and enable everybody to understand just what you want to create. The quality of our 3D visuals is amongst the very best so you will enjoy seeing your vision come alive.
salon retail
Recently, we finished salon designing in north london. Come and visit us to know more.

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