Salon design advice by experts


Once you’ve narrowed down your retail offerings to a tight edit of key products, the next step is to focus on turning your staff into retail experts. “Ideally I would recommend allocating one person to head up the salon retail area-the perfect person for this is the receptionist,” says Matthew Lutos.

How you actually display your products is also a key factor in making your salon retail story a success. An according to Lutos, high quality, functional and stylish retail units are a must: “It’s a false economy to buy cheap retail units,” he says. “Retail units in particular need to look great- but most importantly they need to talk to the client. They should tell them about the benefits of the individual product lines as well as interact and educate rather than just being stacks of product on shelves.”

This small change can lead to salon innovation.

We have done salon refurbishment and salon design for some big brands.

salon refurbishment

bespoke salon furniture supplied


“The whole service was marvellous, chuffed to bits. The salon designer was really professional, very friendly and warm. Really really happy.”


“Everything has been very satisfactory. Overall, very happy with the salon design and the process”

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