Mood Boards – For your salon design

Beauty Planet Salon Desgin will show you examples of other salon styles where you will be able to choose what suits you best. We find that different salons will prefer different material styles in wood, glass, metal and so on. Then combine that with the vast choices of colour schemes. Plus the vital importance of excellent lighting with carefully designed salon zones. It is a really creative process which most salon owners really enjoy.

The cost of bespoke salon design can vary, depending on your brief, but usually it works out at approx £7-10 per sq metre (minimum design fee is £500 plus travel expenses). For that you will get floor plan recommendations and two 3D designs / 3d visuals to give you a real feel for what can be achieved.


But the cost is fully refundable if you buy salon furniture from us – OLYMP or Bespoke Furniture – for your salon (minimum of £3000 within first 12 months of getting your salon design).

steps for salon design

salon design examples


Visit our website to check examples of salon innovation.


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