Appointment for your dream salon design

At beauty planet, we understand how important is salon refit and designing. We try to make it as simple as possible for our customers and give them professional service.

Simply call us on 01455 234018 to fix for one of our regional designers to visit your salon for giving a complete new look to your beauty salon or hair salon. We will bring examples of the many salons we have already designed and rebuilt. Or contact us to make an appointment.
We will take you through the process which will include discussing your personal design preferences and your views on colours with choices of materials.  We will review all the options to help you achieve your dream salon design.
Salon refit appointment
salon refit appointment
“Getting the basics right in salon planning. A great salon is all about stunning wallpaper, a nice comfy waiting area and coffee machines that deliver freshly ground. Right? Well, no exactly…Salon design 2011 is about as sophisticated as it has ever been……… “
Profession Hairdresser

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