Reception Desk – Perfect for salon designing

At Beauty Planet, we have some new salon furniture – Reception desks for your salon. They are perfect for salon designing and will add a new style to your salon.

Check this out:

Change Reception Desk

Change Reception Desk

Senso Smart Reception Desk - Salon Furniture

Senso Smart Reception Desk

Modulo Reception Desk

Modulo Reception Desk

Choice Reception Desk

Choice Reception Desk

Senso Reception Desk

Senso Reception Desk

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The future of Technology – Salon Design


There’s no doubt about it, technology is moving incredibly fast. Most five year olds are able to use an iPad with ease, and laptops, smart phones, dongles and apps have become an essential part of everyday life. It’s changing the way you live and it’s set to change the way you work.

Technology has erupted in the last 20 years and for many industries, it’s changed the way they function, but when it comes to salon life, technology has not had a particularly major effect… yet.

There’s no doubt the technology ploughed into hair colour and product development has ensured the products you use everyday perform to the max, and of course there are now computer systems that have transformed the way salons run their columns, but with regards to retailing, what’s changed?

salon deisgn services

salon refit services

“When you look at salon windows 50 years ago compared to how they are now, there are fundamentally very little differences,” says Matthew Lutos, Managing Director of Olymp UK and Beauty Planet Salon Designs.

As a man who has spent a career learning the intricacies of retail, Matthew says it’s about to change, and the way in which salons use their windows to promote their business and increase their turnover, will evolve significantly in the next few years.


“Windows are critical in terms of talking to consumers-it’s the first communication opportunity a salon has. Frequently salons miss this and don’t maximize the potential of their high street location or the passing trade that’s right on their doorstep … literally,” says Matthew.

You only have to look at retailing giants on the high street to see how heavily they rely on their shop window to entice the public to spend with them. But what is the future of retailing and how will technology intervene? According to Matthew, the digital revolution will take shops by storm and the future of retailing could be nearer than we think.

“There are stores in Times Square in New York and some Abercrombie & Fitch stores here in the UK that are already moving towards this digital window function. They basically have giant screens that fill the windows which are used to show their marketing messages, create their corporate identity and promote their business,” he says.

“Technology will allow salons to use thin screens that fill the window to show their finest photographic work, display their latest offers, promote retail items and basically be a constant advert for their business in an extremely sophisticated way.”

However, it’s unlikely the technological developments will stop there. Think interactive screens which allow your customers to touch from the outside and control what they’re viewing, so for example when a salon’s retail products appear on the screen it will be possible to touch on the product and open information about the features and benefits of the product, or flick through the trends to the looks that suit them. Being on the outside, these interactive screens will carry on working for your salon when you’re closed, meaning all you have to worry about is enjoying your time off. It’s clever stuff and would make your salon window work for you like it never has before.

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Pricing Salon Products – Beauty Planet

Looking to increase your salon turnover?

Matthew Lutos, MD for salon furniture company Olymp UK, comes from a background of designing retail environments for premium beauty brands.

According to Lutos, pricing the salon products is also a must because customers don’t want the embarrassment of asking how much something is. “The majority of people would rather walk away than ask the price,” he says.

Finally, he recommends salons should have testers on display so anyone can touch, smell and experience the product before they buy. Testers are so important and you can guarantee they will help sell more products,” he says. “People want to smell the ingredients, not just read about them on the bottle.”
If retailing is something you’ve managed to master, then you’re no doubt laughing all the way to the stock room. But if on the other hand you’re still in the mindset that salon design professionals aren’t sales people, it’s definitely time for a change of direction. Good retailing can considerably increase your profits and most importantly, completes the service you’re offering.

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salon refurbishment

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What is salon refit?

Salon Refit

When you hear the words “salon refurb”, thoughts of hundreds of thousands of pounds instantly cross your mind. And while some salon refurbs will cost upwards of £200,000, you can still spruce up your salon for a lot less. Leonie Westwood looks at how you can make some effective changes on varying budgets.


Keeping one step ahead of the competition and ensuring your salon is in immaculate condition doesn’t have to entail blowing the budget on a complete refit. There are plenty of ways to refresh and revamp on a small scale with big results.

Matthew Lutos, managing Director at salon furniture company Olymp UK explains: “When times are tough on the high street it is the finer details that filter out the salons that will stand the test of time. Not everyone can afford new salon furniture, but everyone can make sure that the furniture they do have is spotlessly clean. Scruffy skirting boards, stained tiles at the backwash, sinks that don’t sparkle, and chrome fittings that aren’t polished are all details that make a salon stand out.”

If you’re on a relatively small budget then you need to think about what you , your salon and your clients will benefit from the most. But whether it’s a whole new area you’re concentrating on or the salon a s a whole, it won’t hurt to clear some space.

Start by getting rid of anything that you no longer use. A simple declutter can do wonders for your beauty salon by freeing up some extra space in a salon and many hands make light work so get the whole team to help get the job done quickly.

Matthew says: “Everything should be up to date and current in your salon – we’re in the trends business so clients don’t want to read magazines with last season’s trends nor do they want to see a poster for a promotion that’s no longer active.”

Look at your window display and if it’s cluttered and promotes mixed messages then think about removing some of your display material. Think about what you want your salon to say to your clients and work with your team to create it. For a small budget you could create new marketing material, invest in a retail display and even get a screen in your window for videos. Whatever your budget, open up the discussion with your staff to drum up some new ideas and allow creativity to flow.

Even if you have no budget you can transform the look of your salon creating a bright and airy environment with some minor additions- and deductions!

When it comes to the walls, paint is the cheapest, easiest way to freshen up but Matthew suggests: “Consider adding a feature wall with a printed wallpaper- it doesn’t have to cost a lot, can be changed frequently and you can literally just focus on one wall,” Matthew says.

As always a splash of paint can have fantastic results but remember to use your budget wisely; you don’t have to decorate throughout to have a new look. Inevitably, areas that are hardwearing such as around the foot bars will need touching up so allow a proportion of your budget to be on refurbishing these areas.

Above all, the one thing that requires no budget whatsoever is taking pride in the details. The responsibility lies with everyone in the team to ensure this happens and if standards are kept high in housekeeping then customers are confident that they will stand as strong in everything you do.

Matthew warns: “Tatty towels and stained gowns shout everything but professionalism. They should look nice and smell nice- don’t think clients won’t notice the odd stain here and there. They will and it won’t impress them.”

salon retail furniture

bespoke salon furniture

Salon Innovation by beauty Planet

More Salon Case Studies by Beauty Planet

Beauty Planet is a salon designing and salon refit company based in london providing expert and bespoke solutions to hair salon for the salon products and how the salon should be designed to get the maximum benefit.

Salon Case Studies:


“Having decided to open a hair salon in Alloa, we thought, we have the premises but where do we start. As I knew Jim Ward personally I went to him for advice, and he told me of Judith Holmes and said he would get her to give us a call. Sure enough that week she phoned and arranged an appointment to come to our shell of a salon, which she did in the same week. The salon needed a lot of interior work done structure wise but Judith got to it taking measurements, showing us materials for chairs coverings and for floors; there was not a thing she did not put to us. Within 1 week she had a floor plan and design for us. Together we made a few changes as we had a budget to stick to, so she worked with us and put to us alternatives. Once we decided it was all go, Judith was always on the other side of the phone when our workmen had any queries i.e. plug points, plumbing they would just phone and she could tell them exactly what they needed to know. The furniture and fittings we ordered arrived on schedule and was all the correct order with no faults (thank goodness) so we were ready for our big opening evening for family and friends. Judith was there that Friday night which myself and which myself was a very personal touch. She stayed for ages taking photos and talking to everyone, so her support never ended after the sale it was on going. So thanks Judith for our beautiful salon design. Our clientele is booming with everyone commenting on how lovely the salon is. It does pay to invest in decent furniture so am glad we took the advice because people will pay to come into a nice salon. The past year of trading has shown that.”

example of salon design

salon furniture


“Karen from Beauty Planet has designed 2 salon for me over the past few years. My latest salon is 4700 square foot and accommodates 62 styling positions over 3 floors. Karen was there from the start of the process and has been a great support throughout; she has a huge depth of knowledge and great professionalism with an ability to think outside the box. Her designs have helped me to achieve a salon that I am proud of.”

Salon Furniture by Beauty Planet

Sound advice for creating a successful salon retail division

There’s a way of increasing your turnover without even employing a new team member- and that’s by boosting your salon retail. It’s been said time and time again, but the fact is retail sales can account for a whole other person’s annual turnover. So how can you get it right for maximum results?
Matthew Lutos, MD for salon furniture company Olymp UK, comes from a background of designing salon retail environments for premium beauty brands. “Beauty environments are extremely competitive,” he says.


Once you’ve narrowed down your retail offerings to a tight edit of key products, the next step is to focus on turning your staff into retail experts. “Ideally I would recommend allocating one person to head up the retail area-the perfect person for this is the receptionist,” says Lutos. “They can be responsible for stocking up the area, consulting with walk-in clients and generally being the font of all knowledge when it comes to retail products.”

How you actually display your salon products is also a key factor in making your retail story a success. An according to Lutos, high quality, functional and stylish salon retail units are a must: “It’s a false economy to buy cheap retail units,” he says. “Retail units in particular need to look great- but most importantly they need to talk to the client. They should tell them about the benefits of the individual product lines as well as interact and educate rather than just being stacks of product on shelves.”

salon refit

salon refurbishment


“Sophisticated monitors built into retail units will most definitely get the area noticed,” says Matthew Lutos. This kind of technology has dropped in price massively over recent years and I believe it’s well worth the small investment it requires.”

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Chair Bases – Salon Products by Beauty Planet

Here are some high quality salon product by Beauty Planet.

Check out these chair bases  if you are thinking of salon refit:

Base without Height Adjustment

Base without Height Adjustment

Mechanical Brakes - Salon product

Mechanical Brakes

Gas Lift

Gas Lift

Rollers - High quality salon chair base


Low Gliders

Salon planning by Salon design experts