Why Olymp? Our Heritage – Salon Design Service

There are plenty of salon furniture suppliers around, so why is Olymp one company that is worth the investment

1.Experience counts and we have more than 100 years experience in designing and manufacturing furniture for the professional hairdresser.
Call us tedious, but we take our role as a world-leading salon furniture company very seriously. We’re fanatical about details and every single item of Olymp furniture is built to last. Quality is the basis of our salon design. Always.

2. Our chairs don’t rip, they don’t tear and the smaller details such as stitching matter to us.
Before we even think about upholstering one of our solid wooden framed chairs, we stretch-test all our materials continuously. Our fabrics don’t tear – we employ people to test them. And just to be sure, we double-stitch every single seam.
Only once every product has been vigorously tested to its limits and all weak points have been corrected, after all relevant national and international standards have been met, will we consider series production.

“Its here, its finally here! Summer that is, and to celebrate we have created some AMAZING offers of quality furniture for your Salon at really affordable prices. Olymp Furniture is Designed to Inspire and Built to Last so contact us with to take advantage of these FANTASTIC packages!”


Vist our website for more special discounts on salon design and bespoke salon furniture.



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