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Ministry of sales

Here, in the first of a new series, our retail expert Matthew Lutos speaks out on retailingfor success.

Matthew Lutos is the Managing Director of furniture company Olymp UK. Whilst he loves nothing more than talking about why his furniture is as good as it gets. Matthew’s background is in designing high-end retail environments, so competing for sales is something he truly gets.

Why on earth would any hairdresser want to start selling products for a living? It’s a creative trade, right? Well, not exactly – firstly, retailing can boost your turnover greatly, and secondly its part of the professional service that as a haircare expert, you really should be offering.

Those salons that have mastered the art of retailing you’ll notice have never looked back – they just quietly keep going and make their profits rise. Those that think it’s less relevant, not creative – think again.

The beauty business is far more competitive than any other sector. Think about the environment in a department store beauty hall – they are all competing for the consumer’s attention. It’s no different for a hair salon though – you’re competing with the chemists, other salons, the supermarkets and even the £1 store!

The first thing you need to do is look at the current retail products that you are offering. Think about the selection and if you are displaying a balance of products. If you’ve got six hairsprays on sale that all do the same thing, then you’ll confuse the consumer.

Make sure all your products are signposted really clearly, with the basic information on each point of sale tag. Consumers want to know what the product is, what it does, if it’s suitable for their hair type and how much it costs. Establish that it’s worth paying for.

Always price every item. It’s crucial. Remember the old saying if you have to ask the price you can’t afford it? I don’t believe this is true in the slightest. But people don’t like to be embarrassed by asking.

Make your display look like the products are worth the investment. Think about when you shop in luxury stores or in duty free. Often you buy the same item that you could buy elsewhere, but if the shopping experience captures you, and then you’ll part with your cash. A salon is no different. Using high quality retail units is a must. Olymp furniture is built to last – we have been manufacturing for more than 100 years, so we understand how to build stylish furniture that will stand the test of time. It’s simply not worth buying cheap salon furniture unless you are prepared to replace it a year or so later.

Once you’ve invested in the right products and the right retail display units you’re half way there. However retailing is an ongoing process and needs to be a constant focus for it to work.”

Salon Innovation by Matthew Lutos


Preston College Case Study – Beauty Planet Salon Desgin

T H E  C L I E N T

P r e s t o n  C o l l e g e , L a n c a s h i r e

T H E  B R I E F  O l y m p  f u r n i t u r e  a n d  B e a u t y   P l a n e t  S a l o n  D e s i g n s  w e r e  a s k e d  t o  c r e a t e  a

c u t t i n g – e d g e  s a l o n  t h a t  d e l i v e r e d  a  r e a l i s t i c  b u s i n e s s  e n v i r o n m e n t  t o  e n a b l e  s t u d e n t s  t o

r e a l l y  u n d e r s t a n d  h o w  a  ‘ r e a l ’  c o m m e r c i a l  s a l o n   n e e d s  t o  o p e r a t e . S t i c k i n g  t o  t h e  b u d g e t

w a s  a  p r i o r i t y  f o r  t h e  c o l l e g e , b u t  t h e y  a l s o  w a n t e d  q u a l i t y  f u r n i t u r e  t h a t  w o u l d  s u r v i v e

t h e  k i n d  o f  s t r e s s e s  g e n e r a t e d  b y  v e r y  a c t i v e  s t u d e n t s .

I n v e s t i n g  i n  f u r n i t u r e  t h a t  w o u l d  s t a n d  t h e  t e s t  o f  t i m e  w a s  p a r a m o u n t . H e n c e  O l y m p  w e r e

t h e  p e r f e c t  p a r t n e r , e s p e c i a l l y  a s  i t s  s i s t e r – c o m p a n y , B e a u t y  P l a n e t  S a l o n  D e s i g n s , w o u l d

b e  d e s i g n i n g  t h e  s p a c e  t o  e n s u r e  i t  n o t  o n l y  f u n c t i o n e d  p e r f e c t l y , b u t  l o o k e d  a m a z i n g

t o o .

Read full case study by Beauty Planet here…


Salon Furniture | Salon Innovation

More Leasing Options on Salon Furniture

Leasing options on Salon Furniture is very commonly used now a days for salon design.

At Beauty Planet, we provide professional help with salon innovation. Here are some of our leasing options:

Selection Backwash with Cube £8.85 per weekBased on a 4 year leasing option.
RRP: £1225

Joy Backwash with Shape £7.55 per weekBased on a 4 year leasing option.
RRP: £1054

Club Chair £5.60 per weekBased on a 4 year leasing option.
RRP: £775

Diner Backwash Chair £15.82 per weekBased on a 4 year leasing option.
RRP: £2190

Fashion Screen Styling Mirror £5.63 per weekBased on a 4 year leasing option.
RRP: £780

Visit our website to check out more on salon design or call us on:

01455 234018
0208 875 2343

College Case Study – Beauty Planet


We have designed many Colleges and have all the necessary experience to create HAIR & BEAUTY Salon areas which work in both an educational format as well as a commercial salon environment for students.

View/Download ASHTON COLLEGE Case Study

View/Download PRESTON COLLEGE Case Study

Salon Design at Ashton College

Salon Design at Preston College
Colleges are under enormous pressure to provide up to date learning environments to support the various NVQ courses. Key to this is the ability to support Commerical Salons which provide the right experience to the students. We have designed and built these College environments.

Currently in 2011, we have just designed and fitted out Ashton College and Preston College.

We also have testimonials from experienced College Tutors who will testify to our experience and quality.

Call Matthew Lutos on 01455 234018 to discuss your opportunities.

Salon Furniture | Salon Design

Salon Furniture – Leasing Options

At Beauty Planet, we do leasing options for salon furniture.We understand the requirements of our clients and provide bespoke salong design services!!

Loop Chair
£6.26 per weekBased on a 4 year leasing option.

RRP: £865

£10.11 per weekBased on a 4 year leasing option.

RRP: £1400

Selection Backwash with Loop
£7.23 per weekBased on a 4 year leasing option.

RRP: £2385

Bow Chair
£3.61 per weekBased on a 4 year leasing option.

RRP: £500


Visit Beauty Planet Website for more leasing options on salon furniture.

Salon Furniture Promotion – Beauty Planet

At Beauty Planet, we provide bespoke salon design services and build bespoke furniture at amazing prices with the team of professionals giving the best quality.

Here are some salon furniture at special discounts:

Cosmo Chair with Base Plate £700
RRP: £899

Cosmo Chair with Gliders £650
RRP: £829

Cosmo S Chair with Rollers £820
RRP: £1057

Synchro Backwash Unit with Cosmo S £1450
RRP: £1790

Visit our website to check out salon furniture promotions.

Some more Salon Design Case Studies

Salon Design Case Studies by profesionals at Beauty Planet.


“As a salon owner I have particularly high expectations and these were met by Beauty Planet. The design service was very efficient and all furniture arrived when I was told it would. Very pleased indeed.”


“Karen from Beauty Planet has designed 2 salon for me over the past few years. My latest salon is 4700 square foot and accommodates 62 styling positions over 3 floors. Karen was there from the start of the process and has been a great support throughout; she has a huge depth of knowledge and great professionalism with an ability to think outside the box. Her designs have helped me to achieve a salon that I am proud of.”

Visit our website for more information on bespoke salon furniture and salon design.